Rainscreen Systems

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Rainscreen systems have become a requirement of the building code for building exteriors in British Columbia. Custom Pro Exteriors in British Columbia understands the significance of rainscreen systems in enhancing the durability, energy efficiency, and overall aesthetics of buildings.

In BC, where heavy rains are common, moisture intrusion can lead to significant structural damage and mold growth. Rainscreen systems act as a protective barrier by creating an air gap between the building’s exterior cladding and the weather-resistant barrier. This gap allows any water that penetrates the outer cladding to drain away, preventing it from reaching the underlying structure and ensuring long-term durability.

There are multiple building envelope systems available that can provide moisture protection and added insulation benefits, such as;

    1. Moisture barrier & vertical strapping for mounting cladding finishes.
    2. Moisture Barrier, mineral wool insulation, vertical wood strapping & cladding.
    3. Moisture Barrier, mineral wool insulation, thermal clips & metal furring assembly for mounting cladding.

Rainscreen systems can contribute to improved energy efficiency. By creating an air gap, these systems act as an extra layer of moisture protection, reducing thermal bridging. This results in more stable indoor temperatures and reduces the workload on heating and cooling systems.

Rainscreen systems also offer versatile design options, allowing the building’s appearance to suit the client’s preferences and architectural style. With a wide array of cladding materials, colors, and textures available, architects and property owners can achieve a unique and visually appealing look for their structures.


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